capyborba (12/13/2023)

if u readin dis poest, den it mean dat DOGGO (my bwoetder) IS A CATTO FR FR. ok so lemme explwain. he forgor to updat his site frfr AND DEN HE GET DA DEMOTIVAETION LIK A CATTO??? lik fr. dis website is owned by a catto. oenly way he caen be not caetto is if he updat his siet (wiech he haesnt dun in lik 4 yr) and den steop payin Hostingr moneys for unuserd serbice. anywaeys swietch to cloudflare fr. alr cya if dis doent work im gonna sell my bwother to a bunny fr.

blebsite got haaeckd by an egg again.... buh (11/13/2023)

yo so anyways bc doggo hasn't made a new post here in lik 400000000 millin billn yrs i made poast dat call doggo evil soe he gotta updat his blebsit fr doggo is evil pooper fr fr alr noaw dat i did it i ned u to updat blebsit about dis new gam u makin fr fr anyways hab an awesom daye :D

website todally got hacked fr (10/24/2023)

hi i hacked this website is so much funnn ok byeee doggo has to clear dis post AND haes to mak new post on his NEW gam dat he woerkin on or ELBSE!!! doggo is catto??

Game Development Progress (5/23/2023)

I've been busy for a few weeks now and progress towards the game has been a little slow. Yet, I figured that I might as well update everyone on the status of the game.

(1) I have completely redesigned and reimagined the gameplay and style. So far, I'm going for a pixel-art, autumn-like setting with colorful scenery. The current plotline is about a Pug who must defend his village from the invading Cats. The game will be somewhat like a reversed tower defense game where you must deliberately assassinate the cats and hide from any suspicion. You can also place towers and traps which will slow the enemies down

(2) Using an AI pathfinding algorithm known as A* pathfinding, I've somewhat created a working AI for the enemies. However, I still believe that I have a lot of work to finish the pathfinding.

(3) I have not yet completed the main gameplay loop, yet I am making steady progress towards it. I still have to make a weapon, health, wave, and tower placement system.

(4) I have decided that once released, the game will be completely free to play. For me, I care less about monetization and more about learning new things.

(5) The full release name is Pugs At War (PAW).

Thanks for reading the lengthy, but necessary update for my new Game Development Project: Pugs At War! Also check out a GitHub page I made a little while ago to help others with Box2D (I struggled with Box2D at the beginning, so I hope it may be useful for others).

Thanks to AmazinAxel for the awesome CMS! (4/20/2023)

I was too lazy to make a CMS (Content-Management System) myself, so AmazinAxel from built one for me! It comes with extra doggo-lingo :D too! Check out his GitHub page, here, and his website, here.

New game in development! (4/17/2023)

Using a game framework called, "LibGDX", I have begun the start of a new game (name is TBD). I imagine that this game will be minimal, yet polished, and include clean movement, fighting, and puzzle systems. However, because it will be my first game with libGdx, I will need to the learn the foundations behind it too which will take a lot of time. I expect this to be released within 2023 or 2024.

The website is finally working! (4/14/2023)

I have finally gotten around to make a functional website! I haven't implemented much yet, but atleast everything is working!